At the editor office of Lua Viet Magazine

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The Benefit Dinner, Entertainment and Dance
Ben Em Dang Co Ta
to raise fund for the program Rice Bowl of Friendship

The program was held at the Arlington
Community Center, Texas, on June 3rd, 1995.
The evening was a big success and raised a
total of $10,115 for the Rice Bowl of Friendship
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Be^n em ddang co' ta
Ha't ve^` em tu+o+ng lai xo't xa
Ha't giu`m em co+n mo+ thie^'t tha
Gia^'c mo+ tuo^?i hoa

Khi con tim the^' nha^n chu+a tho+` o+, chu+a la.nh lu`ng
thi` cu`ng nhau dde^m nay ha't le^n lo+`i ha't chung.
Cho em to^i he'o hon,
DDang ngu+?a tay xin ti`nh ngu+o+`i
Do`ng le^. ro+i tre^n ddo^i ma' kho^, trong le? loi
Be^n em ddang co' ta

In cooperation were the Lua Viet colleagues in
the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, generous supporters,
and several local Vietnamese organizations, in
particular the Vietnamese Catholic community
of the parish Saint Giuse at Grand Prairie, Texas.
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A friendly get-together at anh Lam's house, New Jersey, 1994

Nj_93_2_small.jpg (9376 bytes) Ti`nh ba(`ng co' ca'i tro^'ng co+m
Khen ai khe'o vo^?
O^' ma^'y bo^ng ma` ne^n bo^ng (2)
Mo^.t ba^`y tang ti`nh con ni't (2)
O^' ma^'y lo^.i, lo^.i so^ng
O^' ma^'y ddi ti`m
Em nho+' thu+o+ng ai
DDo^i con ma('t O^' ma^'y lim dim (2)
...pound on your friend's shoulder
then massage your friend's shoulder...
Don't laugh and you won't be ticklish.. :)
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Nj_93_1_small.jpg (10812 bytes) Nicole tells about the Yale Vietnamese
Education fund.

The Art exhibit by the Vietnamese artist
at Emanuel College, Boston, 1994

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