Ao Trang

The Ao Trang Calendar 2004
by Hoai Nam

In cooperation with Hoai Nam, Lua Viet is pleased to bring to you the beautiful calendar Ao Trang Year 2004, featuring 12 artistic pictures of the Vietname long dress.  Shown left are several samples from the calendar.  The calendar includes all major Vietnamese dates as well as Western holidays.  They make an artful addition to any home or office, as well as a very thoughtful gift for the holidays.

All purchase will help both the orphanage program by Hoai Nam in Vietnam as well as all of Lua Viet programs, yet the price for each calendar is only $12.  You can use the order form below or contact Lua Viet directly to place an order.

Price per calendar: $12.00
Shipping & handling: $4.00 for first set $1.00 for each additional set $10.00 maximum shipping cost for each order to same address

How to order

Link to Ao Trang web page.

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