The Classroom of Love needs a small collection of books for the children. Below is a wishlist sent from the children in the class. The prices for the books are approximated in US dollars. If you would like to contribute toward this small project, please send your donation to

Lua Viet Youth Association
P.O. Box 349
Marlboro, NJ  07746-0349

Latest news
The VSA at the University of Florida has offered to finance this entire book collection.   Lua Viet will pass this donation to the class as soon as possible.  Thank you for helping!

Book title (number requested) Price(dollars) donated by Su+? Vie^.t Nam ba(`ng tranh (10) $5.00 UF VSA
Kho ta`ng truye^.n co^? ti'ch Vie^.t Nam (4) $4.00  
Truye^.n co^? The^' Gio+'i hay nha^'t (4) $3.00  
Truye^.n co^? Andessen (4) $4.00  
Truye^.n co^? ca'c da^n to^.c i't ngu+o+`i Vie^.t Nam (3) $6.00  
De^' Me`n phie^u lu+u ky' $1.00  
99 ta^'m gu+o+ng hie^'u tha?o, hie^'u ho.c (4) $4.00  
Truye^.n ngu. ngo^n $2.00  
Hai va.n da(.m du+o+'i dda'y bie^?n $2.00  
Vo`ng quanh the^' gio+'i 80 nga`y $1.00  
Tie^'ng go.i no+i hoang da~ $1.00  
Nhu+~ng ngu+o+`i lo+'n $1.00  
Tie^n ho.c le^~ $2.00  
Vie^'t cho tuo^?i mo+'i lo+'n $2.00  
Ba` Trie^.u (2) $2.00  
Da.y em khe'o tay $1.00  
Ta^'m ca'm $1.00  
Mo^.t chuye^'n ddi xa $1.00  
Chu' be' na^'m ro+m $1.00  
Kho^ng gia ddi`nh (4) $4.00  
Co^ be' qua`ng kha(n ddo? $1.00  
Ba^`y chim thie^n nga $1.00  
Co^ be' Lo. Lem $1.00  
Aladdo+n va` ca^y dde`n tha^`n $1.00  
Ta.i sao tre? kho^ng va^ng lo+`i ? $1.00  
Tho+`i nie^n thie^'u cu?a ca'c danh nha^n (4) $2.00  
Ca^u chuye^.n ve^` lu+?a $1.00  
Tra^`n Hu+ng DDa.o $1.00  
Chuye^.n bi' ma^.t cu?a to^i va` tha(`n la(`n dden $1.00  
Kha'm pha' the^' gio+'i, ba'ch khoa toa`n thu+ (2) $9.00  
Giu+o+ng buo^`m le^n $2.00  
Tintin (5) $8.00  
Xi` Trum (5) $7.00  
Thu+ Tra^`n DDa(ng Khoa $1.00  
Ky? nie^.m mo^.t mu`a he` $1.00  
Ngu+o+`i da dden vi~ dda.i $1.00  
Ta^m ho^`n cao $2.00  
Nghi`n le? mo^.t dde^m (4) $5.00  
Chu' be' thoa't na.n dda('m ta`u $1.00  
Bo^'n bu+'c tranh ve^` qua?, thu', ca^y $3.00  
Truye^.n da^n gian 12 con gia'p (12) $7.00  

To^?ng co^.ng

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