Lua Viet 15th Summer Camp
at the Delaware River Gap, New York, August 22nd-24th

has been a fun, wet trip with 230 campers
Thanks to everyone for joining hands together at this camp

Photo album:

Lu Bt Tri H 1997

Tri H nm nay thuy ܧt t, lnh run cm cp,
gp gŠnh nhng m vui
Nguyn hong Tr, CT

Tri H nm nay vui qu!  Ti xin thnh tht cm n
tt c m†i ngܩi tham gia trong nm naœ
Tran V.

Tri H qu vu  Ln u mnh ‰n, v s c ln th hai
Nguyn Cm Chu

Lua Viet is a great opportunity for people of all different
areas to meet and enjoy a quality bonding environment
Nguyn Thinh (John), MD

H...!  Vui qu, hy v†ng s c mt tri h vng
New England nm ti
Mai Yiyn, NY

Tri H La ViŒt vui qu, nh ho
Le NaHal (?)

I love all La ViŒt's girls
L Cܩng, CT

I love to live and I live to love!
Thanks Lua Viet cho nh+~ng ngy lnh mnh

Tri La ViŒt l mt k› niŒm khng bao gi qun.
Chi rt l vui v
Nguyn, Phila  PA

Happy Birthday La ViŒt

Chc La ViŒt thnh cng mi mi
Happy Birthday La ViŒt

Trn tri c Tin
Cha chiŠn c S
Nh th c Cha
La ViŒt c Chng
Long on

Air bag em b x,  au lng qu!! :)

Cha thi tiŠn ti!
Trn Quang

Happy Birthday La ViŒt

Long Live La ViŒt!!!
But once again I go home empty handed...
Hee Hee Hee  Sao v›!?!?!
Had a great time, see you all next year.
Linh Chu,  WI

Ri mai y khi mnh xa nhau nh ‰n nhau hoi
Linh Chu, WI

Tri H nm nay sao mܧn anh Chng "qu" v›
ang Khanh inh

Tuy rng nm nay l ln u tin nhng ti cm thy
rt l vui v v th v!  Hy v†ng nm sau s gp li
T. Trang

Thm bn, thm vui, thm hng say, v thm ch Ǯi
T. Pham

Mt ma h kh qun!!! :)
Thao Tran

See you all again, gp li ma h k 01/27/02 22:35