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t-vdlam24.gif (4066 bytes)Lua Viet does not belong to any organization, does not institute membership, and does not have a hierarchical structure. Although a small group of friends has voluntarily kept close contact to help organize activities near and far, Lua Viet is not bound by the rigidity of a formal organization. As a result, the cooperation among friends in various activities is spontaneous and energetic, whether they consider themselves a part of Lua Viet or not.

Instead of asking how you can help Lua Viet, ask yourself how we can work together toward some common goals. You can contact Lua Viet through mail, email, or the Lua Viet mailing list.

Lua Viet is eager to work together with all friends in any form, from organizing camps to writing articles for the magazine to helping with charitable projects.

Let's join hands in building a better future for Vietnamese Youth. 01/27/02 22:35