1999 flood in Central Vietnam
Flood Relief Effort 1999
for the Central Highland, Vietnam

Read the report from the mission with photos, prepared by Mr. Ho^.i Vu~


     Lua Viet would like to thank all our supporters who have heard our call once again and stepped forward to help our Flood Relief Effort for Central Viet Nam. Your quick response made it possible for us to send a Relief Medical Team immediately to the central highlands, where damage was most severe. Our team is currently hard at work alongside our local representatives to provide assistance where it is most needed. Due to the seriousness of the situation, the SAP-VN, Blessed Damien Society, Lua Viet Youth Association, and Friends of Camp 117 have joined forces in order to better provide assistance to those areas devastated by the flood. This marks the first such wide collaboration between our organizations.

the only transportation     This joint operation enabled us to respond promptly, assemble a team of volunteers, and collect medical supplies and funds for direct distribution in Viet Nam. Our primary objective is to concentrate aid in those areas where flood damage is most severe: Thuan An, Phu Vang and Quang Dien.  Our secondary mission is to help rebuild the Dieu De and Kim Long clinics so that they can continue to provide needed services to the community.  Direct cash assistance will be disbursed to those families in the village Hai Lang and Trieu Phong that suffered loss of loved ones. The Medical Relief Team comprises:

  • Dr. Tran Mai-Khanh, CA
  • Dr. Nguyen Phuong Chau, CA
  • Mr. Nguyen D. Thinh, CA
  • Supportive staff, in Viet Nam
  • Mr. Kirk Evans, CA
  • Mr. Tran Hoanh
  • Mr. Vu Hoi, TX
  • Thuc Em

Aid to villagers     To facilitate our effort in Viet Nam, Mr. Cuc, director of the Da Nang Center of Trauma and Orthopedics, has graciously agreed to host and provide transportation for our team. Local relief efforts are being directed by Buddhist monk Thich Hai An at Dieu De Clinic, and by Soeur Nguyen V. Bong at Kim Long Clinic.

     We maintain daily correspondence with the Medical Relief Team in Viet Nam via email. A second team has been scheduled for January 2000 to follow up, begin reconstruction of classrooms, clinics, and provide further aid for needy family.

Collapsed house     In view of the natural disasters that have befallen Viet Nam in the last year, we will continue to collect donations for this relief effort.  We ask for your continued generous support so that we can help the neglected and forgotten rebuild their lives and ensure a brighter future.  Please lend us your helping hand.


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