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Most flood victims are childrenAs you may have heard from the news, Vietnam is once again hit with catastrophic flooding, except that this time it is the rice plains of the Mekong Delta in the South.  Although this area is normally fertile, the suffering brought by the flood is just as severe as last year in Central Vietnam.

Lua Viet is working to bring direct assistance to the local villages affected by the flood.  Building on the successful cooperation with SAP-VN (Social Assistance Program to Vietnam) last year, Lua Viet is preparing for a trip to Vietnam with SAP-VN members in early November, 2000 to bring relief to these villages.   Lua Viet is also working with a number of colleagues currently in Vietnam to plan a separate trip in mid-October to assess the situation and determine how to best provide assistance.  These local volunteers will then make weekly visit to provide relief for the villagers.

Flood Damage:

red_arro.gif (101 bytes) 264 death, among which are 211 children.
red_arro.gif (101 bytes) 2582 billions VND (184 millions USD) property damage.
red_arro.gif (101 bytes) 557,000 houses flooded and damaged.
red_arro.gif (101 bytes) 27,789 families desperately needed to move to safety.
red_arro.gif (101 bytes) 200,000 ha (494,200 acres) rice fields, cereals and vegetables flooded and damaged.
red_arro.gif (101 bytes)8000 classrooms flooded and damaged.

At the moment, food, medicine and clothing for flood victims are desperately needed and Lua Viet is actively soliciting donations to provide this assistance.  Lua Viet truly appreciates the generosity of benefactors who have contributed to the Flood Relief Fund in 1999.  You are invited to visit this web page to view the reports and photos of the relief projects made possible by your contribution.  Lua Viet calls on your continued support in raising awareness among your friends about this year's catastrophic natural disaster and in helping to meet the dire needs of the flood victims.

Lua Viet is a registered nonprofit organization; your generous contribution is fully tax-deductible.   Please send donations to:

Flooded villagesLua Viet Youth Association       
P.O. Box 349       
Marlboro, NJ  07746-0349

Your help will be bring much needed hope to the desperate flood victims in Vietnam.

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