Orphanage, Saigon

In 1996, Lua Viet provided $1,000 for the handicaped children in the orphanage Mai Am Tinh Thuong in Binh Hung Hoa, in the outskirt of Saigon.  There are currently 14 children at this orphanage.  The fund were used in caring, food, transportation to the clinic, medicine,etc.  Mai Am Tinh Thuong is managed by the sect Phan Sinh Tai The, Saigon.   Sister Ha Dao Hanh has sent these words of thanks:

``Representing the handicaped children in the orphanage, we would like to thank the support of Lua Viet in this beautiful gesture of love, and we wish that the fire in your heart will burn forever to warm the hear of the less fortunate''.

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