vnhelp.jpg (9117 bytes)Based in California since 1991, The VietNam Health, Education and Literature Projects (VNHELP) is a incorporated non-profit organization that provides direct humanitarian services to grass-root agencies in Viet Nam aimed at assisting the Vietnamese to overcome poverty and underdevelopment. Lua Viet has been providing a number of scholarships to college students in Vietnam through VNHELP.


The Nguyen Truong To Scholarship program was officially established in 1991 as VNHELP's flagship program as a culmination of previous independent efforts to aid poor college students in Vietnam.  Since then, VNHELP has awarded over 359 full scholarships totalling almost $30,000 to students throughout Hanoi, Can Tho, Saigon and Hue.  This program is presently the largest private scholarship program in Vietnam.

The scholarship selection procedure varies slightly between cities and universities, although basically, each student must be recommended by his or her school for academic achievement.  The student must then file a detailed application in which approval and comments by two professors are required. 

The three main criteria for selecting scholarship recipients in order of importance are:  academic achievement, economic need, and social involvement. Students are also asked to write an essay on topics chosen by VNHELP.  These essays are often the only medium available for VNHELPto become acquainted with the students assisted.  This information is vital in determining how effective the NTT program is to these students.  The essays also provide a perspective on  what the students view as pressingneeds for completing their college education.  The final selectionis done either in the U.S. or in Vietnam with full participation and approval of VNHELP representatives.

If you would like to know more about the Nguyen Truong To project or VNHELP,  have suggestions, or would like to help, please contact VNHELP at:

1212 Broadway, Suite 830
Oakland, CA  94612