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The summer camp tradition has been kept year after year in over 22 camps spanning across CA, FL, MA, MD, NJ, NY, OH, RI, TX.
The 2004 camp will be held in the redwood forest of Santa Cruz mountains, CA in August 20th-22nd.
See some pictures from previous years:
    2000 camp in the Pocono, PA
    1999 camp, revisiting Delaware River gap, New York
    1998 in Green Lane, Pennsylvania
    1997 in Delaware River Gap, New York
    1996 in Bear Mountain, New York
    1995 in Mahwah, New Jersey
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Dac San Lua Viet is published around the Vietnamese New Year and 4,000 copies are quickly sold out each year.
View some selections from the 19971998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and the new 2002 magazine. If you are interested in helping to distribute the magazine,  please contact Lua Viet.
Lua Viet also accepts contribution for next year magazine throughout the year; if you would like contribute some of your creative writing, please send it to Lua Viet at any time.
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Viet Su Giai Thoai makes Vietnamese history down to earth, friendly and easy to understand.  This presentation is compiled by Duong Trong Hieu and includes many aspects of history that touched the personal lives of the people then and the legacy that they left.  If you  think history is boring, then you haven't looked at this part of history yet!
Come take a look!
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Meetings are held regularly to plan activities, to discuss current issues, to cook a scrumtuous dinner together, to sing a  few songs, and just to have fun.
The meeting place varies but is usually in central New Jersey. Contact Lua Viet if you would like to join other Lua Viet friends at the next get-together.
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In the past, Lua Viet has organized forum to discuss the present and future of Vietnam and the responsibilities of young Vietnamese, held at MIT, Harvard, U. of Mass., Yale, Princeton, Rutgers, Cornell, Brown. Lua Viet also organised a Vietnamese art exhibit featuring the artist _____ at Emanuelle College, Boston in 1994. mit_x.jpg (4492 bytes) 01/28/02 22:16