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others has always been an integral part of Lua Viet.

In recent years, Lua Viet shifted focus to the underprivileged children in Viet Nam. In trying to provide for some of the basics in health and education, Lua Viet is currently supporting the following projects.

Contribution for the 1999 Flood has brought much needed relief to the remote villages in the Central area.  The Dinner & Dance event to raise fund for the flood victims has been a great success thanks to your support. Read about the latest mission to the flood region.   Reconstruction is continuing, your donation can be sent to the Flood Relief Fund boat_flood.jpg (16078 bytes)
Free Clinic:  Hoc Mon
Lua Viet has been sponsoring the Free Clinic since 2000 and the service has recently been expanded to include free dental care.
Orphanages: Sai Gon and Da Nang.
Lua Viet regularly provides fund to numerous orphanages
for food and medicine for these unfortunate children.
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House for Street Children, Hue.
provides shelter for homeless children as well as
training for simple trade.
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The Classroom of Love, Sai Gon.
provides free basic elementary education for children
whose family cannot afford school tuition.
Pay a visit to the classroom, take a picture tour
Read about Khanh, the teacher
See the structure and schedule of the class
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Scholarships for underprivileged students
provides tuition and some living assistance for one year
  • College: Qui Nhon through VNHelp
  • Grade school: the Tan Cang village school
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Medical helps
are provided free in various ways
  • Medicine for clinic
  • Mosquito nets to prevent malaria
  • Plastic surgery for children with cleft palate
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Leprosy villages
in the central highland are provided young cows for
self-suffiency, and a village school was renovated.
Read about and see the plight the villagers
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Lua Viet has also arranged the direct shipment of 3,000 tons of medicine and medical equipment to Vietnam. Lua Viet colleagues helped to distribute information on AIDS at Sai Gon and Nha Trang.

In the '80s, Lua Viet focused on helping the refugees in the Southeast Asia refugee camps. 15 Lua Viet colleages have volunteered to work at the refugee camps in SouthEast Asia. The program Chen Gao Tinh Than raised over $55,000 for the SouthEast Asian Refugees. Lua Viet also helped other refugee relief organizations such as Nguyet San Duong Song, S.O.S., Project Ngoc, Save The Children, Assistance for Unaccompanied Minor,....

Lua Viet funding for these programs each year has been constantly increasing, and Lua Viet is always actively raising fund to support these humanitarian programs. You can help by making a direct contribution or by supporting Lua Viet fund raising activities. Lua Viet is currently selling greeting cards featuring the artist Vu Dinh Lam and calendar by Hoai Nam. When you purchase these, you have directly helped to give a better future to the less fortunate children in Viet Nam. 01/29/02 23:28